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Breaking Barriers: Dorothy Mashburn’s Tips for Successful Salary Negotiation

Join Dorothy Mashburn on “Daring to Leap” as she shares powerful strategies and tips for overcoming salary disparities and advocating for your worth.

In a captivating episode of “Daring to Leap,” host Lori Philip converses with Dorothy Mashburn, a leading negotiation expert dedicated to empowering women and minorities in the corporate sector. Dorothy’s mission is to close the gender pay gap and ensure that everyone receives fair compensation for their work.

Dorothy’s Career Story:
Dorothy’s career began with high hopes as an immigrant from India. Despite her hard work, she quickly learned that meritocracy was not always the reality in the corporate world. Her journey through various industries revealed the persistent challenges faced by women and minority women in achieving equal pay and recognition.

A turning point in Dorothy’s career was discovering a significant pay gap between herself and a male colleague with similar qualifications. This realization fueled her determination to learn negotiation skills and advocate for herself. Through trial and error, Dorothy mastered the art of negotiation and now teaches others to do the same.

Key Takeaways:

Importance of Mindset:
Dorothy stresses that overcoming social conditioning and developing a mindset that values your worth are essential steps in successful negotiation. Recognizing your value and being confident in your abilities are crucial.

Effective Salary Negotiation Strategies:
Dorothy advises preparing thoroughly for salary negotiations. This includes creating a one-pager that outlines your key achievements and aligns them with the company’s goals. Timing your request during a financially successful year for the company can also be advantageous.

Building Confidence and Exploring Alternatives:
Confidence is key in negotiation. Dorothy suggests using affirmations and viewing yourself as a personal LLC. Additionally, having a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) can provide leverage and options during negotiations.

Dorothy recommends creating a one-pager that highlights your accomplishments and ties them to the company’s successes. This demonstrates your value and contribution.
Dorothy advises being prepared for a ‘no’ and thinking about the next steps. This could include asking how you can achieve your desired salary or exploring other benefits and compensations.
Dorothy suggests using affirmations, rehearsing your negotiation points, and parking your anxieties before entering the negotiation. Viewing the negotiation as advocating for someone you love can also boost confidence.

Ready to take charge of your career and negotiate your worth? Visit DorothyMashburn.com for valuable insights and strategies, and subscribe to the "Salary Negotiations Made Simple" podcast.

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