Daring to Leap

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Loree provides SUCH good advice and encouragement! This is my go to podcast to recomemend for empowered women who want to create a career they love.
via Apple Podcasts 路Australia 路09/11/2023
Your infusion of Queenly Courage!
Daring to Leap is on FIRE! Such actionable wisdom, fabulous guests, and such helpful content! Of course, I鈥檓 a little biased 馃槈 as I was honored to be included as. Guest with a list of such talented, smart humans. Loree shows up with such vulnerability, courage, insight, and compassion! Keep up the great work Loree!
Crown Yourself
via Apple Podcasts 路United States of America 路08/23/2023
Engaging & Inspiring
This podcast has career growth advice for everyone. If you鈥檙e thinking of taking a leap in your own life, you will be inspired by Loree鈥檚 journey.
via Apple Podcasts 路 Canada 路 06/09/23
Golden nuggets
Loree is such a gem for today鈥檚 busy woman! Love these bite size episodes that leave me thinking about ways I can make micro adjustments in my own life.鈥
via Apple Podcasts 路 United States of America 路 03/14/23
Awesome idea
What a great idea鈥 the subject is something that everyone contemplates鈥 to know that we are not alone is empowering . Great Job!
sdc support
via Apple Podcasts 路 United States of America 路 02/05/23
Digestible and thoughtful bites
I loved how Loree鈥檚 episodes are 8-min bites. Easy to listen while getting ready for the day or eating breakfast. All you need is one takeaway and you鈥檙e inspired for the day 馃檪
via Apple Podcasts 路 United States of America 路 02/03/23
It鈥檚 like she knows what I need to hear.
As a professional working woman, I am almost at the end of my career journey. I have recently switched positions that is challenging me in balancing my personal and professional life. I was hoping that things would slow down and I could devote more time to my family. But instead I find myself…
via Apple Podcasts 路 United States of America 路 02/01/23
I鈥檝e known Loree a long time & worked with her in her prior role. I have always admired how well spoken she is鈥ery intentional with her words. In her podcasts, she stays true to that! Beautifully articulate and inspirational!
via Apple Podcasts 路 United States of America 路 02/01/23
Thought Provoking
Listening to your podcast made me stop and think about what I really for myself. This applies not only to my career but every aspect of my life! Thank you for your words of encouragement!!
via Apple Podcasts 路 United States of America 路 01/31/23
Dare to leap!
I love the positive energy from Loree and the new awareness about leaping in my career and leaping into myself! Thank you for sharing your powerful story about taking the leap yourself!
Rybo Chen
via Apple Podcasts 路 Canada 路 01/31/23
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