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Episode 8 – How to Recognize and Address Burnout Symptoms & Self-Advocate for Your Well-Being - Featuring Neelu Kaur
Episode 7 – How to Find Your "Why" and Have a Career with More Meaning, Purpose, & Authenticity - Featuring Jannette Anderson
Episode 6 – Letting Go of Limitations: 5 Surprising Career Rules You Should Break - Featuring Erin Keating
Episode 5 – Crown Yourself: Taking Control of Your Personal & Professional Path to Success - Featuring Kimberly Spencer


Daring To Leap is about daring to bet on yourself, step into your brilliance, and leap into your career, in the direction that you choose.

It’s for women who want a successful career but want to do it on their terms. We are letting go of old thinking, breaking down barriers, bringing forward our strengths, and becoming more intentional about our careers.

This podcast was a vision I had after leaving my corporate career of 16 years to follow my heart. I bet on myself and took a leap. Now, I want to support other women to go for what they want in their careers while having the self-trust and confidence to stay true to themselves.

Join me each week if you want a successful career and want to do it with more ease and authenticity. I’ll be here to support you every step of the way. I can’t wait to see your brilliance shine.


Meet Loree Philip

Loree Philip left a successful 16 year career at Boeing to have more impact, freedom and passion in her work. She founded weSpark to empower women to bet on themselves, step into their brilliance and leap in their careers. She brings her passion, deep corporate experience, and coaching credentials to her clients.
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Episode 44 – Growth Mindset Mastery: How to Cultivate A Powerful Mindset For Limitless Potential - Bridget Hom
Episode 43 – Career Pivot Playbook: Your Guide To A Successful & Fulfilling Career Change - Shannon Russell
Episode 42 – Balanced and Bold: How to Work Less, Live More, and Be Your Best - Stacey Olson
Episode 41 – Are These 3 Career Saboteurs Holding You Back from Your Potential? - Rosie Zilinskas
Episode 40 – The Key Aspects of Personal Image You Need to Know to Boost Your Confidence & Career - Linda Yates
Episode 39 – Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Learn Expert Salary Negotiation Tips to Confidently Boost Your Earnings - Featuring Dorothy Mashburn
Episode 38 – Find Your Inner Compass: How to Embrace Your Core Values for Clear Purpose and Direction - Featuring Andrea Johnson
Episode 37 – Everyday Magic: Learn How to Find Happiness Right Where You Are - Featuring Lynne Golodner
Career Energy Boost

5 Strategies To Add Life And Vibrancy To Your Career


Create more purpose and direction in your career

Do More

Do more of what you love and reduce time spent on energy draining tasks


Re-imagine your career and create a career vision that you can be excited about!


Leverage your career successes to create a confidence and energy boost you can use now and in the future

Create community

Create community and support with trusted colleagues


What Our Viewers and Listeners Have to Say

Loree provides SUCH good advice and encouragement! This is my go to podcast to recomemend for empowered women who want to create a career they love.
via Apple Podcasts ·Australia ·09/11/2023
Engaging & Inspiring
This podcast has career growth advice for everyone. If you’re thinking of taking a leap in your own life, you will be inspired by Loree’s journey.
via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 06/09/23
I’ve known Loree a long time & worked with her in her prior role. I have always admired how well spoken she is…very intentional with her words. In her podcasts, she stays true to that! Beautifully articulate and inspirational!
via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·02/01/2023

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