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Episode 39 – Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Learn Expert Salary Negotiation Tips to Confidently Boost Your Earnings - Featuring Dorothy Mashburn

Discover the secrets of effective negotiation with Dorothy Mashburn, an expert dedicated to closing the gender pay gap and empowering women and minorities in the corporate world.

In a recent episode of “Daring to Leap,” host Lori Philip welcomed Dorothy Mashburn, a negotiation authority with a mission to champion the underserved at corporate tables. With a rich history of negotiating critical deals with global giants and managing international teams, Dorothy’s unique insights empower minorities and women to achieve their dream jobs and salaries.

Dorothy’s Journey:
Dorothy’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. An immigrant from India at 18, she entered the corporate world with high hopes and dreams. However, she quickly realized that hard work alone did not equate to promotions and salary increases. Her experiences across various industries, including retail, plastics, and healthcare, revealed a persistent struggle for women and minority women to achieve equal pay.

Dorothy shared a pivotal moment early in her career when she discovered that a male colleague with similar qualifications and responsibilities earned $15,000 more than she did. This realization ignited her passion for learning how to negotiate effectively and confidently speak up for herself. Today, Dorothy teaches others to do the same, helping them navigate the complex landscape of salary negotiations.

Key Takeaways:

Understand the Importance of Mindset:
Dorothy emphasizes that mindset is crucial in negotiation. Overcoming social conditioning and developing a mindset that values your worth is the first step toward successful negotiation.

Strategies for Effective Salary Negotiation:
Dorothy provides practical strategies for salary negotiation. She advises preparing a one-pager highlighting your accomplishments and aligning them with the company’s goals. Additionally, she recommends timing your request during financially successful years for the company.

Building Confidence and Leveraging Alternatives:
Building confidence is a significant part of negotiation. Dorothy suggests using affirmations, thinking of yourself as a personal LLC, and being prepared for a ‘no.’ She also highlights the importance of having a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) to strengthen your negotiating position.

Dorothy advises adopting a mindset that accepts the possibility of a ‘no’ and focuses on what actions to take next. This approach reduces fear and helps you prepare for various outcomes.
Include your key accomplishments and how they align with the company’s goals and successes. This helps demonstrate your value and contribution to the organization.
Dorothy suggests aligning your request with a successful vertical within the company, even if the overall organization is struggling. This can increase your chances of a favorable response.

Empower yourself with the tools and strategies to negotiate your worth. Visit DorothyMashburn.com for more insights and tips, and subscribe to the "Salary Negotiations Made Simple" podcast.

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