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The Elusive Work-Life Balance: And What I Think Is Missing From The Conversation

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Work-life balance has become such a hot topic in the last decade. It’s more important for people to have a healthy balance between their careers and their personal lives–but how can they achieve it?

It’s such an elusive topic, with each individual person having a different definition and parameters.

We all have unique priorities in our lives so it’s impossible to have a hard and fast rule as to what the perfect “work-life balance” looks like.

Making It Through The Day

Do you feel like you’re walking on a tightrope juggling a dozen things at once? All your focus may be on making it to the other side without dropping anything or falling to the depths below.

Oftentimes, this is what our days can feel like. We are so consumed by our tasks and to-do lists that we have tunnel vision to make it through the day. And if we do make it without dropping any balls, that’s what we count as success.

While you may feel like you’ve accomplished something, it doesn’t spark an inspirational vision for life. As you focused on each task to get through the day, did you miss your life as it was happening to you?

The Missing Ingredient

Every guru and article out there can give you tips and tricks on achieving an optimal work-life balance. 

But most of them are missing one key ingredient: joy.

Focusing on achieving work-life balance is no different than focusing on your daily tasks. You will be so consumed by the elusive idea that your life will start to pass you by.

Try shifting your focus from “making it through” the day to genuinely enjoying it.

There’s no magic wand to wave to make you love every second of every day, it’s not realistic. But what you can do is be intentional about recognizing and embracing the joy found in small moments throughout the day.

Finding Joy

As we shift the focus from trying to achieve balance and accomplish more to adding joy to our days, we can more clearly see the importance of enjoying the journey of life overreaching the destination.

Listen, none of us are going to make it out of this life alive anyway, so enjoy it while you can!

As you keep your eyes set on joy, allow yourself to inevitably fall off the rope sometimes. You can’t constantly do it all! Pick back up, keep going, and carry on with the joy of life. 

Tips For Finding Your Balance

I started noticing a trend recently. During the week, I was getting trapped in the routine of the afternoon and evening shuffle. I’d get off work, pick up kids from school, prepare dinner, and get everyone bathed and off to bed. 

I often found myself going through the motions to get on to the next thing and to the end of my day without dropping any balls. In doing so, I was missing out on the joy found in the small moments of being at home with my family–the silly conversations at the dinner table, giggles from tiny humans during a tickle war, and sweet snuggles before bed.

There is joy to be found in the smallest of moments and, even if it’s a small amount, there is always time to let go of the busyness of the day to be present in your own life.

You can still get everything done, but you were meant for more than just making it through to live another day. Our life is about connection and joy.

This week I want you to focus on the enjoyment of both your life and your work. What do you do that brings you joy? Are there small moments in your day that make you smile? 

Hang on to those moments just a few seconds longer and let the impact they have soak in just a bit deeper.

Listen to the full podcast episode here for more tips on finding your own work-life balance.

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