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Self Care: Learning How To Make Yourself A Priority

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We hear the term “self-care” and “self-love” thrown around like nobody’s business. It’s a hot topic, with whole industries being dedicated to it!

The words have almost lost their meaning–but the importance remains.

Imagine you have two vases.

The first gets small increments poured in, bits and bits at a time, and with each bit, you dump it into someone else’s vase. You are constantly getting deposits, yet remain empty.

The second gets the same small deposits, but instead of giving it all to someone else, you continue to let it build and build until eventually, it begins to overflow into the vases around you. Multiple vases, all filling up thanks to the time and effort put into yours.

Take care of your needs and you will be better equipped to fulfill the needs of those around you!

Why You Should Be A Priority

There are mountains of data showing the benefits of practicing self-care. So why are we so willing to put ourselves last?

Most of us have no problem putting someone else first, whether it’s our boss, sister, or children. It’s easy to forget that we cannot pour from an empty vase.

Here are two huge reasons you shouldn’t shy away from making yourself a priority!


When you take the time to care for yourself, you become a better mother, wife, sister, employee, and friend!

By filling up your vase, you can show up better in multiple areas of your life.

When you meet your own needs first, you are better equipped mentally and emotionally to care for the needs of those around you.


If you can’t quite wrap your head around the personal benefits of taking care of yourself first, consider its impact on everyone around you.

By modeling self-care for the important people in your life, you are setting an example of what it means to show up for yourself as much as those around you.

Whether you believe it or not, you are in a leadership position in some area of your life–likely multiple!

Those under your leadership–your children, younger siblings, or other employees at work–will replicate the positive example you are setting for them.


Even though I’ve given you a couple, you don’t need a reason to prioritize yourself!

You are important. Just as we are expected to treat others with kindness and respect, we owe ourselves the same treatment.

Self-love and compassion shouldn’t be optional! 

But if you need it, let this serve as your official permission slip to put yourself first for once.

How To Show Up For Yourself

If you think about it for longer than three seconds, you’ll know what you should be doing.

Are you taking care of your physical health? Setting aside time to spend with friends? Taking breaks when you need them?

If not, don’t beat yourself up. You’re likely showing up for your people, and while that’s fantastic, let’s not forget about you, sister.

It’s time to shift that mindset and allow yourself to be the full vase.

If you feel like you don’t have time, you’re not wrong. We cannot make more time, but we can shift our focus and priorities to be a little more self-serving (in the right way!).

I’ve got two challenges for you this week!


Choose one thing that would really fill up your vase and commit to it!

Maybe you call a friend to have lunch or set aside time in the evenings to read a good book.

Or perhaps you need to schedule a few 5-minute breaks during your work day to decompress.

Whatever it is, pick it and stick to it! You won’t see success without following through, so if it doesn’t excite you enough to keep it up, choose something different.


Decide how often you want to do a self-care activity and schedule it. Are you going to do it on weekends or at night? Will you do it daily/weekly/monthly?

Is there anything you need to do to prepare for it? If it’s a new workout routine, you’ll need to figure out if you need a membership. If it’s lunch with a friend, you’ll have to actually make that phone call.

Without a plan, you’ll be more likely to drop it to the wayside while you care for everyone else.

So schedule it like you would any other meeting and start reaping the benefits of loving yourself.

When you start noticing the effects on your happiness, productivity, and overall well-being, you’ll never go back!

For more self-care tips, listen to the full podcast episode here!

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