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Dare to leap: Walking with conviction into a purpose-filled life and career

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Do you feel like you were meant for more? Like the life you’re currently living, the career you’re following, just isn’t enough? You aren’t alone.
Plant The Seed

Like you, I was feeling uninspired. The year was 2020 and I was in my 15th year at Boeing working as a strategist. During a routine call with my team, a question popped into my head. A question that would change the trajectory of my life.

“Is this what you want to do for the next 15 years?” I’d never even considered doing something new. I’d followed the flow of my career at Boeing and thought that’s where I would be forever.

That question planted a seed, and as I began to explore it, it became clear what I wanted for my life and career.

For the first time in my life, I saw my career in the grand scheme of things–in the grand scheme of my life–during a time when many people were searching for more. The value of my time and energy became a currency far more valuable than money and I didn’t want to waste it.

I wanted more freedom, impact, and passion. If I had that, I knew I could do anything! Despite the concern and judgment of others, I dared to leap into a new career as an empowerment coach.

Self-Discovery Led The Way

The question about my career prompted me to start asking questions about my life. That process of self-discovery is really what enabled me to have the conviction to take a huge leap in my career.

For the first time, I started to really listen to myself and went through the important work of understanding my values, what I wanted in life, what I felt strongly about, and what my convictions were.

Going through the self-discovery process helped me develop strong roots in what I really wanted for myself. It does take intentional effort, but the outcome is worth it. So don’t be afraid to do the work. Ask the tough questions, do the self-reflection, listen and trust what comes up for you.

By doing so, you will know yourself better, build your intuition, and ultimately strengthen your inner connection to yourself so you can bring forward your authentic brilliance into your career.

Take A Leap In Your Career

Think about the flow of your career and the trajectory you’re on. What do you see for yourself? Are you happy? Are you getting what you want out of your career? Are you doing what you love?

If you’re unhappy with any of your answers, maybe it’s time to make a jump to feel empowered in your career, and ultimately your life!

Taking a big step forward in your career can look like many things:

  • Changing positions
  • Moving to a new company
  • Working on a new project
  • Switching careers entirely

Career changes can be scary. But, gaining awareness of where you are in your journey and finding the inspiration to leap into your next big thing can change your life.

When your actions are in alignment with the values you hold in life, you will have the confidence to take that step forward and never look back.

Don’t wait for others to give you permission or accolades. Take your life and career into your own hands and follow along with my Daring to Leap podcast as we dare to leap together.

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