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Episode 35 – Learn 5 Myths Preventing Your Career Success: How to Overcome Them and Thrive - Featuring Tammy Alvarez

Imagine trading the frenzied pace of Wall Street for the serene shores of Belize—all while transforming from a corporate executive to an empowering career coach. That’s exactly what Tammy Alvarez did, proving that it’s never too late to pursue a career that truly lights you up!

Welcome back to another electrifying episode of Daring to Leap. In this session, our host, Loree Philip, dives deep with Tammy Alvarez, CEO of the Career Winner Circle. A seasoned corporate executive turned inspirational coach, Tammy shares her riveting journey from managing thousands on Wall Street to crafting a new life as an entrepreneur on a tropical island.

Tammy’s Journey: A Story of Courage and Change
Tammy’s narrative isn’t just about career changes; it’s about life-altering decisions fueled by personal challenges. From a troubled teenager facing homelessness to a C-suite executive commanding international teams, her journey exemplifies sheer resilience and determination. But what happens when the corporate achievements no longer satisfy the soul?

The Leap to Entrepreneurship
Faced with existential discontent, Tammy did what most would deem unthinkable—she cashed out and relocated to Belize to start her coaching business. But this transition was not just a change of scenery; it was a total career and lifestyle overhaul that came with its fair share of challenges and learning curves.

Embracing Failure and Risks
Tammy’s philosophy that one cannot succeed without failing resonates deeply. By embracing her vulnerabilities and past setbacks, she learned to “fail forward,” an approach that ultimately paved the way for her entrepreneurial success.

Tammy was driven by a profound sense of dissatisfaction and a yearning for meaningful personal fulfillment, which her corporate role could no longer provide.
Despite the fear, Tammy leaned on her history of taking risks and her ability to adapt and overcome challenges, proving that stepping out of comfort zones can lead to extraordinary growth.
Tammy emphasizes the importance of a healthy relationship with failure and the courage to pursue what truly energizes and fulfills you, rather than settling for comfort.

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Ready to make a bold move but not sure where to start? Let Tammy Alvarez inspire you to take that leap! Visit her website at CareerWinnerCircle.com for guidance on transforming your career path. Don't forget to grab a copy of her book, Escaping the Career Trap, and never hate Mondays again! Join the conversation on our podcast's social media channels and share your own daring leaps!

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