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Episode 27 – Why Success Often Doesn't Feel as Good as it Looks and How to Shift That! - Featuring Michelle Pollack

Do you feel like your career is happening by chance rather than by choice? Ever wondered what it would be like if you could intentionally design your professional destiny?

Welcome to a thought-provoking session on Daring to Leap where Dr. Cynthia Benzen-Mercer, a seasoned strategist in talent development and organizational growth, joins our host, Loree Philip. Together, they delve into the essence of carving your career path with purpose and the power of intentional actions.

This episode is a call to action for those who find themselves at a career crossroads, offering insights into:

The transformative power of recognizing and valuing your own time
Making intentional, strategic decisions about your commitments and career moves
Understanding the role of self-promotion and how it differs from self-actualization
The courage required to articulate and chase your career aspirations without fear
Leveraging the importance of setting boundaries to create space for your professional development

Join us for an enlightening discussion that compels you to take control of your career narrative, embrace your ambitions, and strategically leap toward your goals. Ready to forge your path with intent? Press play and be inspired to take charge of your career journey today.

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