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Episode 24 – Leadership Lessons from a female CEO - Featuring Jennifer McCollum

Are you ready to learn the leadership lessons that can catapult your career from someone who has climbed to the top echelon of the corporate world?

In the newest episode of “Daring to Leap,” Loree Philip hosts a thought-provoking discussion with Jennifer McCollum, the first female CEO of Linkage and author of In Her Own Voice: A Woman’s Rise to CEO. With over 25 years in the leadership development space, having worked with giants like Coca-Cola, Jennifer imparts illuminating advice on navigating the nuanced challenges faced by women in professional settings.

This episode is more than a career chronicle; it’s a masterclass in leadership from the perspective of a woman who has successfully navigated the corporate maze. Listeners will gain invaluable insights as Jennifer discusses the often invisible obstacles that women leaders face and how to overcome them with grace and strategy.

Tune in to discover:
Effective strategies for demonstrating value without falling into the trap of overextension.
The art of clarity in leadership, learning to lead by inspiring rather than micromanaging.
Techniques to master yielding control without losing influence, ensuring you empower others while ascending professionally.
Actionable advice for gracefully making ‘the ask’ in your network, fostering reciprocity and driving career momentum.
How to embrace and utilize moments of reflection to reinforce your leadership vision and presence.

Prepare to be inspired by a leader who dares to challenge norms and pave the way for others. Press play to absorb Jennifer McCollum’s leadership lessons and watch how they ignite your own journey.

Are you ready to be inspired by a leader who has not only achieved success but has also empowered others along the way? Don’t miss out on this compelling episode of "Daring to Leap." Tune in to BraveHeartsTV at 10:30 AM MT, and witness how Jennifer McCollum has shaped her destiny by being fearlessly herself.

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