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Episode 13 – Reclaim Your Career: Why It’s Time To Bet On Yourself And Leap Towards A More Fulfilling Path - Featuring Jessica Galica

Are you at a crossroads in your career, questioning if the path you’re on is truly fulfilling? Do you yearn for a change but are unsure how to make that leap?

This week on Daring to Leap, Loree Philip sits down with bestselling author and career consultant, Jess Galicia. Jess shares her journey of leaving a successful 15-year corporate stint and reinventing her career, aligning it more closely with her interests and values.

We delve into the challenges of letting go of societal expectations, the risk of staying within your comfort zone, and the benefits of trusting your instincts. This episode offers practical advice and tangible steps for anyone looking to redefine their career.

By tuning in to this episode you will:

Learn how to identify and listen to your inner voice and intuition in making career decisions.
Hear Jess’s ‘test and learn’ approach, which will help you ease into a career transition without taking unnecessary risks.
Learn insights into adjusting your relationship with risk and understanding the rewards of betting on yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone.
How to redefine success for yourself, let go of societal definitions, and seek alignment with your own values and talents.
Get insights into why you might need to let go to get ahead

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