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Unlocking Your Career Potential: Insights from Rosie Zilinskas on Daring to Leap

Ready to transform your career and unlock your full potential? Join us as we dive into the latest episode of “Daring to Leap” with host Lori Phillip and special guest Rosie Zilinskas. Learn from Rosie’s wealth of experience and discover actionable strategies to elevate your career.

In this episode of “Daring to Leap,” Lori Phillip welcomes Rosie Zilinskas, a high-performance coach and the founder of the “No Woman Left Behind” initiative. Rosie shares her inspiring journey from a corporate executive to a beacon of empowerment for women in the workforce.

From Corporate Leader to Empowerment Advocate
Lori Phillip: Welcome to the show, Rosie! Your work in empowering women is truly inspiring. Can you tell us about your background and what led you to this path?

Rosie Zilinskas: Thanks, Lori. Before diving into this empowering journey, I was an executive vice president at a global insurance company, leading the underwriting team and contributing to learning and development. I noticed many young women lacked the confidence to advocate for themselves, which resonated with my own experiences. This realization drove me to start volunteering and eventually led to my current work empowering women through coaching and the “No Woman Left Behind” initiative.

The Gradual Shift to Empowerment
Lori: Your transition from corporate leadership to empowering women wasn’t an overnight decision. Can you share more about how this evolution unfolded?

Rosie: It was definitely a gradual process. It all started with volunteering for organizations like Dress for Success. Over time, my involvement grew, and I realized my true calling was to help women succeed in their careers. This wasn’t a single moment of decision but rather a slow and natural progression fueled by my desire to make a difference.

Navigating Career Transitions and Challenges
Lori: At some point, you decided to leave your corporate role. How did you navigate the doubts and fears associated with such a significant change?

Rosie: Interestingly, I was laid off, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I had been contemplating leaving but hadn’t taken the leap. The layoff, coupled with a severance package, provided the perfect opportunity to transition fully into my passion for empowering women. It’s a reminder that sometimes, life’s unexpected turns can lead to our true path.

Uncovering Career Saboteurs
Lori: Let’s delve into the common career saboteurs. What are the top three, and how can women overcome them?

Rosie: The first saboteur is not feeling worthy of the career you desire. Many women hesitate to apply for jobs unless they meet all the qualifications. Jamie Kern Lima’s story is a prime example of overcoming rejection and achieving massive success. The second is operating under a fixed mindset rather than a growth mindset. Embracing feedback and viewing it as an opportunity for growth is crucial. Lastly, not having a focused strategy leaves your career on autopilot. Creating a custom career roadmap that includes goals, routines, and self-assessment is essential.

Crafting a Custom Career Roadmap
Lori: How can one create an effective career roadmap?

Rosie: Start by understanding your desires and setting clear goals. Engage in self-assessment, seek advice from colleagues, and regularly review and update your plans. Ask colleagues for honest feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, prepare a story vault of your accomplishments to share during networking or interviews.

The Power of Preparation
Lori: How important is preparation in achieving career success?

Rosie: Preparation is everything. Think of it as “preparation, preparation, preparation.” Whether you’re interviewing for a new position or campaigning for a promotion, being prepared sets you apart. Create a succession plan and a 100-day action plan to showcase your readiness and strategic thinking.

Upholding Integrity and Self-Care
Lori: Many struggle with prioritizing self-care and integrity. How can we improve this?

Rosie: Accountability to oneself is crucial. Breaking promises to yourself erodes integrity and costs you in the long run. Treat your commitments to yourself with the same importance as those to others. Schedule dedicated time for career development and honor it as you would any other crucial meeting.

Embrace your achievements and seek constructive feedback. Building a solid foundation of self-worth and reinforcing it with self-confidence practices is key.
Apply anyway. Let the employer decide. Focus on your unique strengths and how they can add value to the role.
Be open to feedback, view challenges as opportunities, and continuously seek ways to learn and grow.
Set clear goals, create a career roadmap, and schedule regular self-assessment sessions. Use tools like a clarity chart to maintain focus and energy.
Develop a succession plan, a 100-day action plan, and prepare a story vault of your achievements. Regularly network and communicate your career aspirations to relevant stakeholders.

Feeling inspired by Rosie Zilinskas’s journey? Take control of your career today! Visit No Woman Left Behind for more resources, or connect with Rosie on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to tune into the "No Woman Left Behind" podcast for ongoing inspiration and insights.

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