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Empowering Leadership: Discover Your Core Values with Andrea Johnson

Unlock the secrets to authentic leadership with Andrea Johnson as she shares her transformative journey and the importance of core values in leading with confidence and conviction.

In the latest episode of Daring to Leap, host Lori Phillip sits down with Andrea Johnson, a seasoned leader who empowers executives and founders to lead with authenticity, conviction, and confidence. Andrea shares her inspiring journey from a 25-year career in higher education to becoming a transformational leadership coach, emphasizing the critical role core values play in personal and professional growth.

Andrea Johnson’s Journey: From Higher Education to Leadership Coaching

Andrea began her career in higher education, working in operations and research administration at prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia. Despite finding her work rewarding, she realized after her mother’s passing that she needed a change. This pivotal moment led Andrea to reflect on her true calling, ultimately guiding her toward empowering female leaders.

The Importance of Core Values

Andrea explains that understanding and embracing core values are fundamental to authentic leadership. She recounts her own experiences of burnout and frustration, which stemmed from not aligning with her core values. By identifying her core values—freedom of thought, authenticity, and belonging—Andrea was able to transform her approach to leadership and live with greater authority and confidence.

Core Values as an Internal Compass

Core values act as an internal compass, guiding individuals through life’s challenges and decisions. Andrea emphasizes that core values are non-negotiables that define who we are and how we interact with the world. By staying true to these values, we can lead with integrity and inspire others to do the same.

Core values are fundamental beliefs and principles that guide our behavior and decision-making. They are deeply ingrained and serve as an internal compass, helping us stay true to ourselves.
Core values are crucial in leadership as they ensure that leaders act with authenticity and integrity. Understanding one’s core values helps in making consistent and principled decisions, fostering trust and respect among followers.
Andrea suggests starting with a reflection on what makes you truly angry or joyful. These emotions often indicate underlying core values. Additionally, considering feedback from people who know you well and engaging in exercises like the Franklin Covey governing values can help uncover your core values.
While core values are generally stable, they can become more refined and specific over time. Life experiences and personal growth can lead to a deeper understanding of what truly matters to you.
Aligning your professional life with your core values can lead to greater job satisfaction and effectiveness. It helps in setting clear boundaries, making decisions that resonate with your beliefs, and leading with confidence.

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